Building a pond - design, building and maintenance of your garden pond

Building a pond - Overview

Help building and designing your pond. Chosing its Location, Layout, Size, Depth, Edging etc

Edging and hiding the pond liner

Methods of edging your pond to hide the pond liner

Pond filter

There are a number of types of filter including Pressurised pond filters, Gravity return pond filters, in-pond filters, bottom drain ponds.

Adding Plants to your pond

Adding the right plants to your pond to help it maintain ideal water quality

Adding fish to your pond

Showing you the correct way to add fish to your newly created pond

Pond balance and water quality

Understanding the nitrogen cycle to ensure your pond water remains clear.

Calculate your pond size

Calculating your ponds surface area, Volume, Water quantity, liner size etc.

Indoor marine pond/tank

Designing your pond
Calculate the size of your pond
Planting in your pond
Adding fish to your pond
Types of pond filter
Maintenance and pond balancy (Nitrogen Cycle)
My pond diary and test results
Salt water fish tank/pond (Marine or Reef)
Useful sites
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