durso standpipe

Adding a durso standpipe

When considering your weir you also need to consider and understand the role of a durso standpipe and the problems it solves. In-fact once you know why you should install a standpipe you may well ask yourself the question, Why you need a weir at all if you have this?

Quick answer is I don’t believe you do but the weir can help protect from debris or fish getting into your standpipe and being sucked into the sump tank. Then again I’m sure you could put something on the end of the standpipe to stop this happening. The weir area can also act as a small area where you can add fish, plants that don’t mix well with the rest of the tank. Although this is only a small area so you are limited in what can be added here.

I am not going to go into too many details here as there is already a very good website that explains all you need to know about durso standpipes and even shows you how to build your own. 

Also here is a few places you might want to checkout if you are considering making your own