Pond Care

Pond care is a constant process and balancing act that is the essence of what makes looking after a garden pond so rewarding. Everything you add to your pond has an effect on the overall balance and it is your job to balance these things out. For example if you want to add another fish you need to consider how this is going to effect the balance of the pond if you need to do anything to counter act the negative effects such as improve filtration, add more plants etc etc.     

Here is my pond diary for the first 5 years of my first pond including all the visitors it had from frogs, water boatmen, snails as well as details of how my water quality evolved and what i tried to combat pond weed and algae problems as they happened...read more

The fundamentals of looking after a pond and keeping the water at the correct balance is simply understanding the nitrogen cycle and how waste turns into ammonia, nitrites and nitrates  which are all harmful to your fish if levels are too high...read more

Plants perform a many important jobs within a pond from providing shade and  food to producing oxygen for your fish...read more   

Adding fish

Yes I know you want fish in your pond but make sure you add then in the right way otherwise you are just going to cause you pond to go out of balance and although your fish may service your pond balance may never recover and you could be fight a loosing battle again pond weed and green water algae...read more

So you have just noticed that some of your fish have been a bit active and your pond is full of fish eggs, here is what to do if you actually want some of them to hatch and grow into big fish...read more