Oxygenating Plants

Oxygenating Plants and their role in adding oxygen to your pond

oxygenting plants

There are the life blood of your pond and you should add about 1 or 2  Oxygenating Plants to your pond per square foot of surface area. These Oxygenators generally come in two forms, bunches and potted. The potted plants are simply placed at the bottom of your pond, where they will start to grow up and have an instant effect. The bunches tend to have a weight on them so can also be dropped into your pond as they are, or you could plant them into an existing pot. Allow 1 pot (7cm size) per 0.6 square metres of surface area. 

Although Oxygenating pond Plants do have great benefits remember that with all plants, once the daylight has gone plants do not produce as much oxygen. They actually now  start to produce more carbon dioxide and as the leaves are underwater it gets released into the water.

This could lead to an oxygen shortage by morning, which would leave your fish gasping for breath. So if in the morning your fish are all at the surface fighting for breath you know you have over done it with the oxygenators. The carbon dioxide in the night is not as much of a problem with other types of plant as their leaves tend to be above the water surface so it disappears into the atmosphere.