Water quality tests

Water quality test results for my pond

It is essential that you perform regular pond water quality tests using a ph water tester kit, especially during the early stages of your pond and when you add new life to it. This is to ensure that the various chemical levels are acceptable. Once your pond has been established and you are no longer adding new life to it then you do not need to test your pond as much.

Below are my pond test results performed since the pond was created, as you can see I did not strictly follow the rule of adding fish gradually. I did intend too but after adding the first three I was given the opportunity to get 9 reasonably sized gold fish and shubumpkins for free from a friend. As you can see after adding the 9 additional fish the Nitrite level came close to being dangerous but it soon recovered on its own (without any additives) and is now back down to an ideal level. The pond pretty much maintained itself especially for the first few years but a lot of that is to do with me installing a pump and filter, now over stocking it and ensuring I had a balanced amount of plant types.

DateWeek 1 (May)Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7
Changes to pondAdded 3 gold fishAdded 9 fish  Added 2 fishAdded 1 tench, 1 baby KoiPond now contains about 50 small baby fish (randy buggers
Changes to pondN/AAdded 1 Koi